Fred Morley and immigrant networking

A few years ago I talked with Fred Morley about this.  He was concerned that new, professional immigrants were not integrating well into existing business and professional networks in Halifax.  He had this idea of setting up a program where business leaders would help professional immigrants by introducing them into their networks.

I see the program is up and running.

With support from the provincial Office of Immigration and the Maytree Foundation, the partnership (GHP) introduced its connector program this week. Immigrants are invited to contact the partnership and they will be put in touch with three so-called “connectors” in the local community. The program is business-oriented and is one of the tools to be used in that war for talent, says Morley.

Morley says the partnership is taking its cue from trendsetting author Malcolm Gladwell, who wrote about connectors in his influential book Tipping Point.  According to Gladwell, connectors are people in a community who know large numbers of people and who like to make introductions.  There are already lots of those kinds of people in Halifax, says Morley.

2 thoughts on “Fred Morley and immigrant networking

  1. This stuff doesn’t work. Let’s face it, I always thought the provincial Nominee Program wasn’t as bad as people made it out to be, it was just because government was in charge of it that it didn’t succeed. Plain and simple.

    Anyway, there will not only be a “war for talent”, there will be heavy competition between various states and markets to attract their share of the FDI pie. In other words, countries, states and provinces will have to position their policies so they are the most fertile for such investments. I was most impressed with what NB did this past year with both personal and business taxes. Now if they can only get their fiscal house in better shape.

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