Bulmer weighs in

Kevin Bulmer is probably one of the best economic developers in the Maritimes – at least from a strategic perspective.  He weighs in today on economic development in NB.

If the politicians and business leaders in the province read and take to heart any of the seven articles by David Maclean on this subject, they should choose this one.  They are all good but none crystalize the issue as much as this one.

1 thought on “Bulmer weighs in

  1. That’s a fine example of a leader who recognizes a good idea and runs with it as his own. Once he takes ownership, he pushes until he gets the result desired. Graham does not appear to want to take ownership; he has left his Ministers and managers hanging when things get hot.

    NB has more Bulmers and McGuires in its public service, but it takes the right leader to give their ideas traction. Graham is not the guy; neither is Alward, by all accounts.

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