Saskatchewan and the Energy Hub

Funny, New Brunswick has been in the nuclear power business for decades and it is Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall who is moving to build a nuclear reactor and transform his province into a producer of medical isotopes – and a player in atomic research.

It’s like a mantra around here.  If you want to use energy as a serious economic development engine, it must be far more than just a couple of power plants and a refinery.  After the construction cranes pack up and leave, the value added left behind is relatively limited. 

Leapfrogged by Saskatchewan.

3 thoughts on “Saskatchewan and the Energy Hub

  1. Be careful of ‘political talk’ being used as economic development, after all, even NB ‘talks’ a fair game. It isn’t nuclear reactors that are the issue, the Premier of Saskatchewan is simply trying to use that as an excuse to ‘sell’ nuclear power. As noted in the comments section from the Green Party, the reporting got it wrong that nuclear power was a central election issue, according to them it was never raised. Nuclear power always needs to be ‘sold’ to the population, especially so soon after reports on trying to find ways to store the nuclear waste.

    It’s only very specialized reactors that produce technitium-99, and even fewer places where that can be processed from molybdnium. According to most articles, its the processing that is lacking-there are LOTS of nuclear reactors out there in the world.

    But I agree that its somewhat pathetic that a small province that hopes to have two nuclear reactors, in a country where the medical isotope problem is well known, and its ‘trumped’ by a province with NO nuclear reactors and no history of nuclear research (there IS supposedly SOME research on nuclear engineering in NB).

    However, only ONE reactor was being built for this purpose, and it turns out that it doesn’t work (I still don’t understand how you can build a facility 50 years ago which ‘works’ and yet can’t get the specifications right for a new facility. If all else fails, why wouldn’t you just make it the same as the first one?). So the Saskatchewan Premier is essentially bringing the Bricklyn to Saskatchewan. There MAY be a market for it (or maybe not, we’re talking about over three years), but all that money COULD be spent and the facility still not work, just like the MAPLE.

    But yeah, the optics look pretty sad. Sask is talking about cashing in on medical isotopes, while New Brunswick is facing a lawsuit from doctors it already made a deal with.

  2. Clogging up the comments section with baseball news. Nats win 4 straight! Maybe they should join the AL East? lol

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