I would like to remind folks that this blog is not a catch all place to post your deepest darkest concerns or links to rumours or anonymous slander.  There are lots of places for that but not here.  In fact, as I pointed out to the stalker a few weeks ago, you can get your own blog.  If you need some advice on how to set up your own hate or angry blog, send me an email and I’ll walk you through

So, I might have to tighten up things a bit but really there is virtually no censure here outside of foul language or outright slander.

I have never censured anything by Mikel even though we disagree much of the time.  He/she does provide a counterpoint to my point and mostly that is the point of this blog.  Richard, Rob, Downes, and most anonmyous poster – no problem.  But cutting and pasting links to stories unrelated to the thread or hammering a specific company that you have a gripe against (particularly as an anonymous poster), not good form and will mostly be censured.

I like open and honest dialogue here. Other than one whacko from a couple of months ago, I might censure one comment every couple of months.

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