Who’s the energy hub?

An enthusiastic Jean Charest launched the Romaine River hydroelectric project on Wednesday, calling it the biggest construction initiative in Canada. The Quebec premier got behind the wheel of a bulldozer and crushed a pile of sand where a road will be constructed leading to four dams to be built on the Romaine River on Quebec’s Lower North Shore by 2020. The Romaine River is one of the largest remaining undammed rivers in the province and flows through northern Quebec before emptying into the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Charest, accompanied by Natural Resources Minister Claude Bechard, Hydro-Quebec president Thierry Vandal and other dignitaries, declared the Romaine project “the biggest construction project in Canada.” “The Romaine complex is part of our vision for the development of hydroelectricity,” Charest said of the $6.5-billion project.

It’s still one of the cheapest ways to generate power and it has no carbon issues.