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  1. A first step, but keep in mind that that is stuff that comes out of communications NB anyway. You can also go to BNB and check out their podcasts-I think they did two before quitting.

  2. Yes, it’s a first step and that’s good. I can think of all kinds of things I’d do to change it, but it’s a start. Because of the source, it will inevitably be questioned but with comments they could start developing discussions (as this blog does). I’d like to see it develop into a community of NBers where people could also post their own content, like images, videos, posts etc. Of course that sort of thing gives governments and companies the willies, so I wouldn’t expect to see it happen anytime soon. 🙂

    (Btw … podcasts and video are nice but they seem a clunky way to begin.)

  3. Also … video may be cheaper and more easy to do these days, but basic text essentially has no cost and it’s even easier and quicker to do. I’m not sure why they’d choose to make a start using video.

  4. “I’m not sure why they’d choose to make a start using video.”

    A cynic would suggest that its because appearance and not content is the goal.

  5. Didn’t they try a discussion board on their original self-sufficiency site. From what I remember they had very few responses/less then an average NB blog. But that doesn’t surprise me since the blogging community in NB was small then, and even smaller today b/c of the growth of Twitter & FB.

  6. Communications NB comes out with these stories whenever a trade junket goes on-that’s what I meant. So its not ‘new’ information. However, this has been one of David’s pet peeves for ages, so getting a blog going is a good start, and hopefully plenty from HERE will venture over and leave some constructive comments there.

    But again, to put a damper on this, the ‘intelligent communities’ competition is a nothing contest. Waterloo won last year, and while there are lots of academic schools, etc., in the city, the idea that its the ‘most intelligent’ in the world is laughable and only a politician would take it seriously. Just to remind, this is a city where a ten year court battle took place because when a recreational complex was built, none of the councillors ever bothered to read the contract. It turned out that what they THOUGHT was a low interest loan was actually twice as much.

    And that doesn’t even include the usual local politics, and the fact that development has taken place over the city’s ONLY water supply-a moraine even more fragile that Toronto’s.

    Like the ‘cities in bloom’ competition, if a city doesn’t win then it competes again-Fredericton came second last year, so it gets to compete again while the first place city cannot compete. So guess what! Oh yes, and the competition is run by a broadband organization, so their idea of ‘intelligent’ is of course, lots of wireless.

    The other problem is that its unclear whether the companies are selling the region-or their companies. It’s unclear why the companies themselves can’t go to New York to make sales calls.

    The last item would be salesmanship, everybody ought to know that selling something comes down to the salesman, and I hate to be TOO critical, but Graham is about the worst salesman I’ve ever seen. How can somebody be a politician and not even know how to public speak? There must have been fifty ‘uh’s’ in there. It had the excitement of a receptionist announcing the dentist is late for your root canal. All information though is GOOD information, particularly since no doubt this blog was partly designed to help ‘sell’ the Premier, and even in the little bit shown it fails.

  7. Lots of premiers, PMs and presidents have had difficulty with public speaking (in the early years) only to turn it around and make it an asset. Mike Harris, Bill Clinton and Reagan are three that come to mind.

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