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I posted a blog a few days ago about the animation/software industry and how NB is not competitive with its tax incentive regime.  Quebec and BC have been the most aggressive in this area.  The following chart is taken from a new report called Canada’s Entertainment Software Industry-The Opportunities and Challenges of a Growing Industry (March 25, 2009).  Just by way of comparison, New Brunswick has about 2.3% of the national population and 0.1% of the entertainment software industry employment.

It’s really quite a shame given all the creativity in this province.

3 thoughts on “Entertainment software industry

  1. “given all the creativity in this province”

    David, I think most of our creativity allotment is tied up at the UNB law school, where it is used to develop new rhetorical tools. These are then used by those law school graduates interested in pursuing political careers.

  2. If you go to Youtube you can type in ‘new brunswick’ and see an example of that creativity. That kids love video games so much yet the educational system can’t seem to get them motivated even in that says a lot about the educational system. About a year ago it was mentioned that high schools were getting involved in co-op programs-but with construction companies. That says even more about their priorities.

    But what would be more helpful is a mention of the actual policies of each-does it actually follow that the sector increases with more ‘policies’ or are there also other factors? That PEI is ahead of NB is interesting-but what policies do THEY have that NB doesn’t?

  3. It is the NBer’s that are found, leading, all over the world, not PEI, not Ontario, but New Brunswickers. The same breed that built Canada, built the cars, run the Unions, the Banks, etc. In fact without US Ontario would be little france! In fact left to their own, that may be next. How anyone could devastate a Province so fast is shocking. Too bad, because we have switched alliance to the West and United States.

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