3 thoughts on “Primus Canada adding 113 new jobs at contact centre in Edmundston

  1. Look at it this way-they aren’t a charity. It’s interesting though to read the head office list “oakville, calgary, london, vancouver…Edmunston”. So don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, here’s a good example of your ‘foreign investment’. It’s a pretty decent company with benefits,although they do say benefits vary ‘by location’, which is odd, but they ARE international. And hey, ya gotta be bilingual to work there:) But its odd they there are no salary listings anywhere.

    Again, its ‘odd’ government policy at work. THey aren’t offering payroll tax cuts, but are offering a $7500 forgiveable loan for each job, or $850,000, which is on a payroll of, say, $2.7 million, or just under half.

    But its a business so I’m assuming they probably got a building for next to nothing, but it IS a payroll now at least of $5 million, which is better than nothing. And I just looked at the real estate guide, where there are homes-pretty nice ones, listing for $60 grand. That’s a mortgage payment of, what, $400? However, its deals like this where they don’t give salaries for low skill jobs where its important to have a decent minimum wage.

  2. The entry level salaries there are ok. It’s in the neighborhood of $12+ starting. There are several people that have been there since it opened more than 10 years ago and they’re still there. Of course their salaries have increased. Many people working there have houses and cars and spend money in the area. The cost of living in a place like Edmundston is pretty decent. A couple that make 30k each will be living comfortably and will want to stay and have kids.

    These mill towns are trying very hard to diversify their economies to prepare for the worst. For so long, they had it made with the large salaries but times are tough now. An investment like this is a good one given that it’s an established place of work that helps the area grow. The Northwestern part of NB has been on the wrong side of government for several years now (both provincially and federally) and they welcome an opportunity like this.

  3. The positions are customer service starting at 12$ per hour, and tech support about a dollar more an hour. Customer service has unilingual english posts but if you only speak french then don’t bother going. You have to have some customer service experience before you apply.

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