9 thoughts on “John Thompson back at EGM

  1. Fool Moncton once, shame on John; fool Moncton twice, shame on Moncton

    Thought you’d get that job David

  2. The person in that job should be bilingual and my francais is not too good. I missed the French Immersion thing by a few years and 18 months at the Institut de Memramcook didn’t do much for me.

  3. Since when did the french immersion scam make one bilingual? What studies that have been done certainly don’t show that. There is not even any accountability of where the billions are spent.
    Pretty sick system when someone well educated with a degree is shunted aside for a bilingual who most likely could not pass a high school entrance exam of old.

  4. This is incredible. How could EGM make the same bad decision twice? He is so busy talking about himself that he has no time to listen.

  5. in regards to comment #5: Mr. Thompson has three university degrees. You don’t know anything.

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