It’s better to have loved and lost….

It’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved.  Who said that?  Anyway, I think there are parallels in New Brunswick.  I had a guy sidle up to me this week and say “I’ll bet you are glad we didn’t attract the auto industry after all”.  Huh?   It’s true that you can’t lose what you don’t have but if it means a little bust every 10-15 years, I’ll take the boom thank you very much.

Let’s not lose perspective here.  Ontario added 1.3 million people to its population from 1996-2006.  New Brunswick lost population.   I would doubt there is a single economic developer in New Brunswick that would say no to the auto industry, the aerospace/defence industry, the life sciences industry, etc – even if it means that when a recession hits you get hammered more than the weaker provinces that didn’t grow these sectors.

Come on.

2 thoughts on “It’s better to have loved and lost….

  1. I noticed you seem to attract people who either like to rub shoulders, or let on with doublespeak that they understand, and are in your ballpark! I have noticed it all across Canada, but not in the U.S?
    Yes I prefer weirdness!

  2. It was Tennyson, and in matters of the heart he had a point, but perhaps there isn’t an economic parallel.

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