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I am not as big a fan of the movie/TV biz as some economic development types but I do see its potential – particularly as it relates to building a creative culture in the province.  I see here that there is a company in Saint John with big plans:

“Long term plans? Become Atlantic Canada’s creative commercial production house, and produce at least three TV series per year.” Although they’re aiming high for the future, the bulk of their film work is done in New Brunswick.

We have a couple of animation studios, a couple of small production companies – it’s too bad we have the worst incentive program to produce here of just about any province in Canada.

2 thoughts on “Film industry

  1. David! Thanks very much for checking out my blog and posting this. It is a full on uphill battle, but like many entrepreneurs who have family, friends and community here in Atlantic Canada, I / We are passionate in finding ways to be sustainable in New Brunswick. Our incentives are behind every other province in the country, and most of my colleagues are either closing shop or moving out of NB over to NS where there is a better support network. But we are New Brunswickers, and that is the challenge and the goal…to continue to grow there!



  2. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and I wish you well. I would be interested to know growth sectors are companies from Nova Scotia or Ontario moving to New Brunswick to take advantage of the incentives. It always seems to be companies going the other way.

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