Check out the Obama ripoff (s)

Hey, everyone’s doing it.  Why shouldn’t I get some benefit from appropriating an Obamaism?

Speaking of Obama-mania, I think our man in Ottawa has a bit of mania these days himself.  In October he said that the recession wasn’t going to have much of an impact in Canada (and the government was taking a “wait and see” attitude about it).  By the end of the year he was telling us we could be headed for a depression and now at the first of March, we are told it is not that bad after all and Canada will be the first country to come out of it.

I’m not particularly good at the politics thing. I guess he wants to be positioned as the optimist while Ignatieff and Layton are the doom and gloom guys but as I have said on these pages before – when a politicians rhetoric becomes too detached from what is happening at the ground level – on main street- that is a sure recipe for getting turfed out of office.

19 thoughts on “Check out the Obama ripoff (s)

  1. “Just offering a blanket incentive to all to leave the government could end up carving off a lot of bright people – the kind that are needed to help the province reach self-sufficiency.”

    Well, you must agree then, that there is room for a lot of cutting, since self-sufficiency belief is hilarious. And hiring by language qualification, guarantees the avoiding of a lot of bright people, as is the present case.

  2. Yes, well keep that in mind four years from now. Meanwhile there are lots of books available to get up to scratch on your political failings. Mr. Harper, or any other leader doesn’t have to do all the thinking for me, and I consider it a sign of knowledge, when I see someone with the ability to change with the information change.

  3. Well I didn’t even get it posted to the correct section.
    Anyhow, Mikel will be along soon to decipher my cynicism. He can go around the bramble bush in three different directions.

  4. ” I don’t get your cryptic comments.”

    Sadly, I don’t think they are meant to be cryptic.

    Harper has a degree in economics, so we can assume he is a product of the ‘opinion equals fact’ mindset prevalent in econ and business schools. His opinion was that things were not going to get too bad, so contrary facts were ignored. Had it not been for the political crisis in Ottawa, he might have lingered in dreamland for even longer.

    Harper’s clumsiness and the perception that he is a cold fish will result in him being turfed. Its just too bad that his exit is taking so long.

  5. Harper can take a bike trip to the Darien gap and back, and everything will move right along as though he was here. Do some of you think Canada has very much say or effect in the world?
    About as much say as Graham. Anyhow according to the IMF, Harper must be ok.

  6. As an example, who forced bilingualism on New Brunswick, lots answer Mckenna, or Hatfield, or Robichaud. Nope, Brian Mulroney used NB to pacify Bouchard and Quebec neither of which worked, nor did or will bilingualism ever work. oops, I forgot, but this is just a fact not a rant.

  7. Maybe you should start your own blog about how much you hate bilingualism, because I’m tired of hearing about it here. I think it is part of what NB is, and something to be dealt with, not blamed for everything.

  8. You don’t sound like the most informed person, obviously. Nor do you sound like you want to see any thing really fixed,just talk about it. I made what money I have out west, and so does my son, although I hear he’s in the Dominican Republic at the moment. So we have the contacts needed to do business out west. Need I tell you why. Stick with your 3rd world thinking. I’m alright jack.

  9. You know, surprisingly, Canada consists of more than out West! I know, amazing. Specifically, there is this area called “the Maritimes”, maybe you’ve heard of it? Anyway, this blog is all about economic development in the maritimes. Maybe you could try talking about that instead of insulting the people that are actually trying to have a relevant discussion on the subject. I may not be the most informed person, I will admit that, but at least I try to add something new to the discussion instead of bringing up the same old thing every time.

  10. “I’m alright jack”
    David, do killfiles work on your blog? This joker is a prime candidate.

  11. You two add nothing to any blog. Too Sukey and not knowledgeable enough to hold up or defend any position. You waste everybody’s time.
    There are so many examples but in the latest greener energy you know nothing about. Everything can be researched which would limit the water cooler talk. And the day I ever try to get a blogger to remove someone or threaten Trojans is the day I finally wore out my brain cells and have gotten like you two.
    What an easy way out, for those probably hired for their bilingual

  12. And try hitting me with a Trojan Mr Lionhearted. I am also a computer near expert.

  13. “I am also a computer near expert.”

    While I try to figure out what you meant by that, perhaps you could google ‘killfiles’. Hint: its not a virus, but something useful when you want to avoid reading drivel.

  14. Look, let’s keep the conversation on track here. Richard, I enjoy your posts, Tristan has good points as well. I am not sure about this anonymous poster but I don’t want to be deleting people’s posts willy nilly. My policy has been to deleter if there is slander, profanity, etc. but weirdness? I dunno.

  15. Killfiles is a generic definition for Trojan horses that kills specific files in critical system

  16. I agree. I mean all the big words well placed attempted to sound intelligent but never a solution or even an idea for someone to try. And keep in mind that after 300 years the maritimes are 4 individual provinces with basically nothing in common except their high paid well stocked government and subsidiaries. Anybody who tries to interfere in this cozy setup will be encouraged to move! Want proof? Go to school reunions,where 90% will be from away. Oops sorry, I drifted away into common sense again, and I know anything besides puff theory would be considered weird!

  17. “but weirdness? I dunno.”

    I’m afraid the weirdness from this clown is going to drive away readers, David. He is consistently off-topic, flaming, and utterly incomprehensible.

  18. So you want him to shut the blog because you get upset being made to look what you are. Thats been done, so now I will leave you and your kind here to give David the heartburn, having to listen to you. Thanks for letting me bring out what you had to offer, nothing. The exact thing wrong with NB, people like you.

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