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I love these little stories of entrepreneurial success.

Hartland-based Covered Bridge Potato Chips ready to expand after only a month in operation.  Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company — based in Hartland, home of the world’s longest covered bridge — is setting its sights on New Brunswick snack food lovers with its spin on old-fashioned, kettle-cooked chips.

I hope they are able to become an exporting company at some point particularly with almost $600,000 in government investment in the firm.  But, recall my position on this, import substitition is also economic development.  If this company carves off 5% of the chip market in New Brunwick and that 5% comes from a chip manufacturer in Ontario – that means incremental economic activity for New Brunswick.

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  1. Keep in mind that Irving is a big chip manufacturer, so some of those jobs could cost Irving employees their jobs. But with $600,000 it’s no surprise they are ‘growing fast’. This also goes to prove my point that the provincial government is NOT interested in ‘small entrepreneurs’. Notice that large corporations get those ‘forgiveable loans’, in other words ‘free money’ to grow and expand (or just stay in business). This is arguably the most important stage yet they are only getting an interest free loan. The rest is from Agriculture Canada, another federal department, in other words, the provincial government is providing bubkus.

    But I listened to a story on the CBC about how receptive grocery managers are to customers, hopefully readers here will talk to their grocery stores and try to get them to carry the product. Chips are a VERY competitive industry and has one of the lowest profit margins of any snack food (even Kettle Chips have axed their prices). Most towns have a ‘buy local’ organization, check it out.

  2. Without a doubt, a smart family. I also happen to know many smart people, most of them out west.
    You are aware , of course, how many listings you will find in the ACOA grants to this Family over the years? Sort of a carry over from the great land grants to the British militia who settled here.

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