That’s refreshing!

That’s what I like about Al Hogan.  Eternal optimist.  Here is the first line from the T&T story on the labour market situation:

New Brunswick’s economy remained strong last month despite a significant loss of jobs across the country.

I actually prefer his headline:

New Brunswick still bucking economic trends

The problem is that when New Brunswick was bucking the positive economic trend across Canada for 14 years, Al wasn’t running stories saying NB was bucking the economic trend in a negative way.

I have always suspected that Al Hogan’s New Brunswick ends about Lutes Mountain.

2 thoughts on “That’s refreshing!

  1. The economies which will show the best r the ones that were already weak. In other words, u can’t lose what u don’t have. 🙂

    My theory was, and still is, that our province is perfect for this time period as we are used to recession…we’ve been in one for yrs.

  2. Guess everything is relavant.

    His definition of strong obviously includes outmigration, underemployment and huge Federal transfers to stay solvent.

    I wonder what the headline would be if he were in Alberta?

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