People love moving to Canada

HSBC Bank International’s “Expat Explorer Survey” was done to find out what countries are favorable for expatriates, how well they adjust to local conditions and how well they become friends with the locals.

The study surveyed 2,155 expats from 48 countries spanning four continents early this year. The respondents were asked to rate the country in four categories: Ability to befriend locals; whether they joined local community groups; those who learned the local language; and those who bought any local property.

About 95 per cent of respondents said Canada is the most welcoming country of all; Germany came next with 92 per cent; and Australia was third with 91 per cent. The United Arab Emirates finished last in the survey and was found to be the most difficult for expats, as only 54 per cent were able to make friends with locals.

American respondents found Canada to be the most favorable country; language is not an issue except in French parts of Canada, low government corruption and cultural diversity all made it easy for them to settle in Canada, according to Patricia Linderman, editor of Tales from a Small Planet, an online newsletter for expats.

2 thoughts on “People love moving to Canada

  1. This is an encouraging article for Canada. However, expatriates moving here and people moving here are two different things. Where do expats generally go? The big centres. Here in NB, we still have a long way to go in terms of being open and getting people from other countries to want to come here – and stay here once moved. There is a need for stronger (informational) programs in terms of where to apply for jobs, how to start a business, what funding is available, what social programs we have, etc.
    As it is now, when people move here no one instructs on where the schools are, where the hospital is, where the bus stop is and many, many more simple instances that don’t seem trivial to us but it is for people coming from abroad.
    I’ve been to foreign countries (industrialized too) and it doesn’t all work the same way. That is one thing we need to work on here.

  2. It may take awhile to sink in that language is not an issue, “except in french parts of Canada”. Which means that 8 provinces have the advantage! And we are not one of them.

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