Icelandic emigration

I hear that Manitoba is getting set for another wave of immigrants from Iceland following the economic collapse.  Apparently this happened once before and a number of Icelanders settled in Manitoba. 

I have always wanted to go to Iceland.  They must be a hearty bunch.  Maybe even hearty enough to emigrate to New Brunswick.  It’s closer than Manitoba.

4 thoughts on “Icelandic emigration

  1. They don’t speak French, so naturally will go where they could continue to be one of the worlds entrepreneurial people. Besides Canada is not known for bringing in the brightest people in the world. Otherwise they wouldn’t feel obligated to vote Liberal.
    Quite obvious ,wasn’t it? Toronto?

  2. I’m going to Iceland for my honeymoon. From an engineering standpoint, it’s a fascinating set-up: free heat and hot water for all, all provided by geothermal power plants. From a honeymoon aspect, the plentiful hot springs have led to a thriving spa industry. I can cover myself in mud and healing salts while soaking in a 100F pool.

    The best part of it all is that the Icelandic Kroner (ISK) has dropped by 50%, making the place a little more affordable. $750 taxes in return for a direct flight from Halifax also helps.

  3. Having visited (in an unscheduled stop during a pond jump) Rekyavik back in the 90s, I came back a fan of the Islandic way of growing their society on education, regulation, ecology, and overall policy development.

    Their resilience and pride will quickly make them restructure their nation to get out of its current situation and position themselves to impress us once more.

    Let’s also not forget most Icelanders have studied abroad and have most likely created social networks that will permit them to temporarily migrate to take advantage of opportunities when they come. Manitoba seems to be one of those clusters.

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