Fredericton, Ontario’s broadband revolution!

Hey, it looks like broadband in Fredericton has resulted in the city attracting “numerous companies”.  This is from a U.S. columnist who apparently knows all about Fredericton and its broadband:

I expect some people will be pretty surprised in a year about the breadth of jobs created by these grants. If you look at communities such as Greene County, N.C., Pulaski, Tenn., and Fredericton, Ontario in Canada, the greater number of jobs came not from building their networks, but from the networks’ significant influence attracting numerous companies into these areas. There was also a surge in home-based businesses.

I suspect that Frederictonians will be even more surprised to find out they have been collectively relocated to Ontario.

9 thoughts on “Fredericton, Ontario’s broadband revolution!

  1. Broadband! Now here you are talking about something that may be the new rejuvenation of economies. Children, communication, games, song, video, messages. learning, school, education, it is a wide open field.
    Lately I have been interesting in buying for my smart Gran kids, something to quell the massive curiosity and learning abilities. I have two computers hooked up to Aliant high speed and wirelessed.
    I sit back and encourage them how to find ANSWERS from someone (internet) who knows, so that in their best absorbing years they get the best information.
    But now I was looking for handheld. There are mp3 players, Ipods,cell phones, Blackberry types, 7 inch computers, but all of these are not quite it.
    First the cell phone ripoff industry has ruined that field, and now the Graham governments giving a satellite company the job of broadband, has ended any chance for fast province wide internet. So my choice would have been a fast low fee handheld computer capable of high speed everywhere,and we are not going to get it. You can march as much as you want, you got to hold the right hand!

  2. I’m not surprised to find we’re now in Ontario. All this snow has an eastern Ontario feel to it. “Fredericton – we’re Ottawa without the Sens!”

  3. Outside of Canada, to alot of people the Maritimes doesn’t exist. While travelling, when people ask me where I was from and I would reply, “the east coast of Canada”, people would say “oh, like, Toronto?” Sometimes if you were lucky they might remember that Quebec is there too, but to the outside world, a large chunk of our country doesn’t exist. This could be part of the reason why it’s hard to find investors, they don’t know this place exists. We need to do something wild and crazy to get us back on the map, any suggestions?

  4. So do they also not know where Andorra or Malta is? I don’t, without google.
    And they are countries.
    Rated higher than Canada.
    In fact there are 22 more stable and prosperous countries in the world ahead of Canada and as we fall further behind in good cheap high speed unfettered internet, we will drop much more.
    And if it wasn’t because of the United States we would now be third world. You want to duplicate everything instead? Have fun.

  5. Andorra has a landmass only four times as large as the City of Moncton. Malta would fit comfortably in the City of Saint John. Both countries together have a population about half that of New Brunswick.
    Oddly enough, Malta is officially bilingual, while Andorra speaks about four languages.

    It is much easier to link a country the size of Saint John with broadband than it is to do the same to NB or even Canada. Even without the satellite Internet, we’ve given 90% of New Brunswick broadband access. That may not meet Andorran standards, let the high bar set by the Liechtensteiners, but we’re doing well.

  6. You won’t be getting any high speed internet with satellite.
    I don’t know who we is ,but the DSL speed is great, thanks to Aliant, NBtel, and the federal government.

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