For whom the bell tolls

I don’t know why this toll issue is coming up again.   There is no way any government in New Brunswick is going to propose toll highways after what happened in 1999.

Sure, I know that Nova Scotia has tolls and so does PEI.  I realize that most eastern seaboard U.S. states have toll highways.  Ontario as well. 

But the evidence is clear.  The public unions and Al Hogan would crucify any government proposing tolls so it is not in the cards.

Although I will say that one of my more astute readers told me that a public sector toll highway would be okay for the unions.  It’s just the notion of a – gasp – private sector toll booth operator that gets them all riled up.

3 thoughts on “For whom the bell tolls

  1. Why, then, are invisible tolls acceptable to Al Hogan et al? I would think the concept of a Buctouche resident, who never travels between Moncton & Fredericton, subsidizing the travel of out of province tourists and truckers would be anathema to these people.

    We should have toll booths on the Houlton border, St Jacques, and Aulac. I pay for Nova Scotia’s highways any time I go to Halifax, why shouldn’t they pay for ours?

  2. The problem with tolls are that once they’re created, they take a life of their own. The intent of tolls are usually to keep that piece of road well maintained and in good condition. But after a few years, you have so much bureaucracy with toll commissions, regular staff (unionized of course), admin staff and all of the other costs that come with it. Then there’s no money left for what it was created in the first place. After paying these folks, they have to implement increases to the tolls and it just gets bigger. Don’t get me wrong, of course these folks need to get paid. It’s gets very political too with the plum jobs that are created in this. Look at Saint John, look at Massachussetts, it’s nuts and the cost of the road becomes really bloated.

  3. “The intent of tolls are usually to keep that piece of road well maintained and in good condition”

    Most of the toll roads I’ve been on are in good condition. Moreover, I expect that those tolls free up tax dollars for maintenance of non-tolled roads. Your comment re tolls in Mass is perhaps overblown a bit. Yes, there is nepotism and corruption in Mass, but it is hardly restricted to toll commissions. In Mass, corruption is a highly refined activity.

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