For those of you who appreciate irony….

This is a fascinating thing for me to behold:

Tom Mann, executive director of the New Brunswick Union said the government needs to look for ways to generate revenue – such as highway tolls – rather than cuts to the civil service.

The public sector unions were rabidly against the toll highway in 1999.  Since that time, the lack of tolls has cost New Brunswick taxpayers several hundred million in lost revenue and debt service costs.  Now, public sector unions want tolls?

You reap what you sow.  Public sector wages in New Brunswick are rising faster than all but a couple of other provinces.  Public sector employment has risen by thousands over the past decade while the population has remained stagnant.

The public sector unions should be a leading champion of the economic development file because without it – eventually the time will come that workers and wages will be impacted.

Tolls.  Imagine that.  After what the unions and Al Hogan did to the Liberals in 1999 – they would rather endure waterboarding than impose tolls. And Tom Mann should know better.

1 thought on “For those of you who appreciate irony….

  1. Funny how opinions change when the real costs of such decisions edge closer to reality.

    It is embarrassing that a provincial government got elected on this issue and it has costed us millions every year since. A couple dozen persistent protestors and a friendly newspaper editor.

    This blog has previously covered the other life-altering campaign issues that have shaped the future of our province including auto insurance rates and moose fencing. No wonder the ROC does not take us seriously.

    The scary thing is, if a leader emerged with progressive ideas on economic development, education and health care, he’d likely be defeated by a guy with a commitment to eliminate pot holes.

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