Do no harm

Peter Drucker seems to never go out of style. In 1974 he said that company managers should take the Hippocratic oath.  Do no harm. Presto.  None of this Wall Street crap.  No embezzlement.  No violation of the fiduciary duty.  No theft.  No bribery.  No extortion.  No massive environmental problems.  No abuse of workers. 

As my kids are fon of saying, this is a random thought.

1 thought on “Do no harm

  1. Sounds more like wishful thinking.

    That the kleptocrats allowed the looting of our countries and now their masters are unable to get a grip on the house of cards as it comes down was fully predictable to anyone even vaguely aware of the late 90s credit ramp-up and almost identical economic events of the last century.

    We’ve been financially and morally bankrupt as a nation for quite some time – on a quickening slide since the tech crash, spiking on 9/11 – the balloon refloated temporarily by our incredible spending sprees over the fraudulent wars on terror.

    Unfortunately, the biggest crooks have their profits stashed away in offshore accounts, and will continue to reap the dividends of their world-wide debt-slave kingdoms our disaster capitalism / false-emergency socialism has allowed to rise.

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