Those ex NBTelers keep popping up

NBTel is a bit like a Timex watch – it takes a licking and keeps on ticking.  On second thought, it’s more like that Terminator in #2 that could reconstitute itself into any form it wanted.  I am referring to the fact that many of NB’s top ICT firms have ex-NBTelers at or near the top and other firms have gobbled up much of the senior talent that was shed from NBTel after the morphing into Aliant.

Take Ian Cavanaugh, for example.  He is the head of Ambir Solutions and an exNBTeler who went to California and came back to the region. He is quoted in this article today.  I had coffee with him recently and he has very interesting ideas on how to grow the ICT industry in the Maritime Provinces.  More importantly he has a passion to see this region grow. 

Read the article.  He makes an interesting suggestion.

3 thoughts on “Those ex NBTelers keep popping up

  1. I’m another proud ex-NBTeler (1995-2001)… I left just before the merger. I’ll always have a little NBTel blue in my blood!
    Who else is out there?

  2. I was a Saint John NBTeler from ’98 until the merger – that’s when I got laid off.

  3. I worked for NBTel for 11 months – then kind of got canned. But still have high regard for what the firm did first directly for economic development and then for incubating a pile of talent that stayed in New Brunswick – like you guys.

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