Riddle me this

Here’s a link to my column today focusing on Daulton’s crusade.

Here’s a little riddle for you. 

Jean Cretien once said that Atlantic Canada and its economic problems were exactly the reason why you need a strong federal government.

Ergo, if Atlantic Canada was strong and economically self sufficient, you might not need as strong a federal government.

We need federal politicians that don’t see their role as doling out riches from one region to the other but that see their role as investing in regional economic development that will limit these economic disparities.

In my opinion, it would be wonderful if we reached a point where the Feds could focus on national issues.

3 thoughts on “Riddle me this

  1. We simply need an education in OUR OWN language! And guess what??

    Increasingly, research is showing the best way to help immigrant children learn English is by boosting proficiency in their first language.

    The myth is that young children are like sponges and soak up a second language much faster than their older siblings, but that is simply not the case, said University of Calgary associate professor Hetty Roessingh.

    As an English as a second language teacher in Calgary before joining the university, Roessingh noticed immigrant youth who arrived in Canada in their mid-teens seemed to do better at learning English than children who started studying English earlier.

    So come up with all the programs and incentives you want and without education you get nothing,and without educating in your own language you get what you been getting.Period


  2. Here’s a puzzle. Imagine, hypothetically, for the sake of argument, that Canada were not a federation. Would people in the richer and more populous areas rail against national government expenditures that supported reasonably comparable public services like education being provided across the country?
    Do people in unitary states like France have a problem with this?

  3. I think it might be in the DNA of Canadians – at least recently. I have been doing some project work in Northern Ontario and you get much of the same thinking between northern and southern Ontario.

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