Norway? Maybe

I like Norway.  I don’t know why we don’t spend more time investment prospecting there.  It is a small market and there is limited potential but it could be a niche market.  New Brunswick doesn’t need piles of investment every year.  I would say 8-12 large manufacturing, ICT or value added back office projects would be fine.  A few out of Norway doesn’t seem that crazy.  Everyone is fighting for India, China, US, French, etc. investment (Quebec has 100 people in France I was told).  Not many are fighting for Norwegian investment.

Maybe the Miramichi might get some Norwegian investment but I hope the deal is good and it replaces a big chunk of the 1000 or so high paying jobs lost at the two UPM operations.   While I cautiously applauded the Birla takeover of the mill in Nackawic it was at less jobs and lower pay – a net loss to the province.  And Minister Mesheau called it his greatest achievement as Minister.  At some point, a BNB Minister’s greatest achievement should be something that is a net positive gain for the economy.

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  1. Norway has to be the most backwards country I’ve ever lived in. I am from Europe and have lived in UK, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Germany. Never ever experienced anything like Norway, was like moving (technology wise, technology used in common areas in the rest of europe) 25 years back in time.

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