In defence of EGM

I have worked with Enterprise Greater Moncton in the past and hope to in the future so take my comments in that context but I think that motion to slash funding was misplaced.  It was voted down but it does continue this worrying trend across New Brunswick of councils threatening to cut funding to the enterprise agency. 

It is particularly unfortunate during the period when EGM doesn’t even have a permanent CEO.  

I have said it is completely appropriate for council and other stakeholder to review EGM’s mandate, activities, budget, etc. after the new CEO is in place – in fact when a new person comes it that is a good time to do so.  I suspect EGM would welcome this.  All the enterprise agencies should and do reassess things on a periodic basis.

But don’t sucker punch the organization when it is in a leadership transition.

2 thoughts on “In defence of EGM

  1. Point taken on the timing but it is a fair question re funding.

    Consider the number of ED organizations we support. The article points out a city and a community effort. Add that to BNB, ACOA, CBDC, RDC, NRC, UdeM, downtown Moncton, Industry Canada, BDC, Chamber of Commerce and others who claim ED as part of their mandate and it gets confusing as to who is getting things done and how much overlap and duplication exists. Extend this Province wide with branch offices, regional offices and head offices added to the mix and one can understand why city councillers would start to question ED funding commitments.

    No disrespect for EGM, who arguably is a success story, but it is fair to question the. quantity of organizations we fund.

  2. I think one of the problems with these organizations is that they are very rarely measured in terms of performance. Look at BNB for example, these folks don’t have much to show for all of the salaries, travel and expenses they incur. They create a handful of job a year. As for ACOA, it is seldom that any of those loans are repaid and the *new* businesses rarely stay open for more than six months. I understand that opening a business takes guts and risk, but they need more help in marketing and positioning their products.
    BNB really needs to re-evaluate their whole mission, look at the skills they have and cleanup their shop. And this isn’t about hiring some old veterans at 500k for 6 months either.

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