ICT full court press

What’s not to love about Gerry Pond?  He gently cajoles government today about getting focused on the ICT industry as an economic development.  Jerrie Fowler pops up in the same article.  The old war horses of the ICT industry are back in vogue.

I’m not sure this government sets policy by reading the newspaper as much as the previous one did.  In a way that’s too bad because there are very good policy ideas being put out there through the media.

4 thoughts on “ICT full court press

  1. When you say good policy ideas through the media, do you mean like editorials, comments that sort of thing?

    Sorry about all the recent questions, but I’m trying to wrap my head around current economic issues, and your blog seemed like a fine place to start!


  2. Yes. The Telegraph-Journal has made a conscious effort (note that I am a columnist there so a bit biased) to go beyond just complaining or the grand statements and is trying to put interesting policy perpectives in the public space. The Times & Transcript tends to be more tabloid-like in its reportage but there is some good stuff (I like Alec Bruce’s witty pieces). Not sure about the Daily Gleaner – I would like to see in that paper more Legislature dirt and grime in the DG like you get in most capital city papers but….

  3. Dell’s announcement today of moving 1900 Irish jobs to Poland to save costs is a harsh reminder that incentives are temporary and there needs to be sustainable competitive advantages for sectors to grow.

    What are New Brunswick’s competitive advantages for a prosperous ICT industry?

  4. There are several countries in eastern Europe that are serious ICT players and they are cheaper than western Europe.I have advocated building stronger ties with these countries.

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