Finding our niche

I will be attending the Worldsourcing conference in Halifax next week. I am very interested to discuss and develop further this notion of Atlantic Canada wedging in as a ‘nearshore’ component of the onshore, nearshore and offshore global business model.  It is clear now that companies looking to employ a global model cannot completely offshore all business functions nor can they afford to keep broad business functions in high cost markets. 

I have been talking about the notion of nearshore for years as have many others.  However this idea of integrating near and offshore is a novel concept and I hope we hear about it at the conference.  Specifically, New Brunswick companies being part of a global solution that may include India or China or other offshore locations. 

We tend in Atlantic Canada to sit back and let change come and smack us in the face.  I prefer a model where we go out and join this new global reality to the benefit of our companies and our region.