Cities want investment

Go get ’em Dempsey.  Wonder if NB had a rep at this meeting?

Canada’s large cities want foreign investment and trade
OTTAWA – Economic development executives from large Canadian cities are
meeting in Ottawa today to work together with federal government departments and agencies on international trade and investment. “Canada’s cities have much more to gain from banding together than competing against each other for growth opportunities,” said Stephen Dempsey, president and CEO of the Greater Halifax Partnership. Economic development agencies participating in today’s meeting include the Greater Halifax Partnership, Montréal International, the Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance, Calgary Economic Development and the Vancouver Economic Development Commission. – Staff

1 thought on “Cities want investment

  1. NB Liquor lost roughly $12 million in sales last year from New Brunswickers heading to Quebec to buy cheaper booze.

    So do you think there is any need for Graham to attend?
    Who will he leave holding the bag on this huge flop?
    Can’t blame the smartest MP,Mr Lamrock for this one.

    And tell me.How could that many sales occur?
    Let me guess.
    The number of quebec workers in NB taking those bilingual jobs,returning home every weekend?
    I say thats a fact.

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