The Diefenbunker to be data centre

I knew CoRDA was up to something – not sure what until now.

IT start-up Bastionhost has purchased an former government continuity bunker in Novia Scotia as part of its plan to build a “Dataville” of data centers in the province. Bastionhost today announced a deal with the Colchester Regional Development Agency (CoRDA) to buy properties on the outskirts of Truro, Nova Scotia to serve as the nucleus of the planned network of facilities.

The properties include a 64,000 square foot former government continuity headquarters bunker known as a “Diefenbunker” because it was built during the era of then Prime Minister John Diefenbaker at the height of the Cuban missile crisis. The facility, which was built to withstand an atomic blast and protect occupants from nuclear fallout is one of a network of six Diefenbunkers built across Canada.

The 45 year-old bunker features geothermal cooling, a sophisticated air filtration system, and redundant backup power engineered to military specifications. The building will house Dataville’s network operations center and provide business continuity and disaster recovery workstations.

I am looking forward to hearing more about this project.

2 thoughts on “The Diefenbunker to be data centre

  1. And to think, I thought the only Diefenbunker was the one I spent New Years eve partying in outside of Ottawa. Good to see this one going to good use.

  2. Maybe your right about getting noticed.

    December 18, 2008 2:32 PM

    Computer services heavyweight CGI Group Inc. quietly cut 100 jobs from its Montreal offices this week.

    Most of the cuts were low-level data centre and help desk positions, which are becoming outdated with technological advancements, spokesperson Lorne Gorber said.

    “These are technical, more hands-on positions, rather than software coders and developers. These days you can monitor servers from anywhere, you don’t need to be in downtown Montreal to do it.”

    Some of those jobs will be transferred to CGI’s other data centres where labour is cheaper, such as the Maritimes, the Saguenay or even India.

    The cuts were needed. Gorber said, because CGI’s clients are getting more demanding on cost and efficiency.

    “As a manner of speaking, clients are trying to squeeze every bit of juice out of the same lemon,” he said.

    The company is still in hiring mode for more specialized posts, he noted, saying saying 100 positions are open in Quebec.

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