2008 Economic Development Deal of the Year Awards

I want you to have a look at all of these deals – the winner, second and third place and all the honourable mentions.  This is the kind of blockbuster economic development project that can help transform an economy.  I can’t remember the last one of this caliber in New Brunswick – maybe Bricklin.

We have had capital intensive projects – potash expansion, LNG, nuclear refurbishment – but beyond the construction activity the leave behind economic benefit to the province is relatively small (although I am not complaining, we’ll take what we can get).

It would be interesting to see the province get on the short list for a mega project like this and then pursue it with gusto.  When I was ‘in the ED system’ way back when, I helped work on a project that was 1,500 high paying jobs and a $500 million investment.  I think that one went to South Carolina.