Parlez-vous why can’t we attract French immigrants and investment?

I see Saint John is in France trying to woo immigrants to the port city. One of my little curiosities in life relates to how we can spend tens of millions of dollars each year to promote bilingualism, embed it in our education, government, health and civil society…

…and then do very little to take advantage of it.

New Brunswick had 45 immigrants from France in 2006 that had settled in the province since 2001. Of the 17,185 that settled in Canada, 45 in the officially bilingual province. Alberta and British Columbia had hundreds more French immigrants. Even Nova Scotia and Manitoba had more.

The officially bilingual province.

And don’t get me started about the lack of French business investment into New Brunswick.

I am sure there must be a well thought out and researched answer to this question. I can’t be the only person that is bewildered about this.

Maybe Saint John will be able to crack that nut.