Keep a positive attitude

I have had a series of conversations in the past few days and people are feel quite glum about the prospects for New Brunswick these days. There is also some frustruction in there as well.

Look, I serve up quite a bit of criticism on this blog. I want people to understand the true picture of things and not the government press releases, Pollyannish stuff that we read in certain newspapers.

My reason for that is not to make people glum or angry or frustrated. My reason is to spur people to action. In some small way, I want to use this blog as a rallying cry for positive economic development change in this province.

So, if the outcome of my blog and the myriad of other sources is to lead people into a collective depression about the economy (mentally), then I have failed. If the outcome of the blog and the myriad of other sources is to prompt government, community and industry stakeholders to a bold new economic development focus, then it has suceeded.

I have no illusions about this. I was/am just trying to add one more voice to this collective, public square conversation. But in my soul, I am inherently an optimistic person (ask me when I turn 50). I think New Brunswick can see the kind of systemic change I talk about here but it will take serious action.

So colleagues cheer up. Redouble your efforts. See the prize and all those cliches.