Case in point

My column this morning talks about our need to have a government and public service that can get beyond vested interests and do what it thinks is right for the wider public in the long term.

The T&T has a story illustrating my point perfectly. The have the Chamber, the CFIB, the Retail Council of Canada all slamming the proposed tax changes in New Brunswick. And for added measure Al Hogan throws in that the paper has received a pile of letters against the changes.

That last part is just gratuitous. Everyone, even Al, knows that people write in to gripe about something 10 times more than they write in to say how happy they are about something.

Now I don’t claim to have the answer here and that really isn’t my point. The CFIB and RCC etc. may be right on this who knows? My point is that vested interests will always defend themselves – always and that is an important part of the democratic process. But the public good does rise above individual interests and wisdom comes from knowing when and good leadership is about getting it done despite the pressure.