Apocalyptic economic development

As I mentioned, I was listening to a podcast where Thomas Friedman sketched out a way to tackle global warming and generate the next wave of global economic growth. He ended his talk by saying it would take real leadership from government officials particularly in the United States.

That got me thinking. Who is cornering the marketing for apocalyptic economic development? That might be one niche for New Brunswick to go after.

“After the global catastrophe? Be…. In this Place”.

I’m only half – okay 90% – kidding. There already is an emerging apocalyptic economic development segment. There is the Noah’s Ark of plant life being built in Scandanavia somewhere. There are cold war underground bunkers being dusted off and thought about in the context of global warming, or nuclear winter or a global epidemic.

There must be other business opportunities. Hermetically sealed communities? I know we have some that don’t let people or investment in but they still allow viruses in. How about a new round of Zeppelins that float around for years until the epidemic is gone?

Apocalyptic economic development. I can almost see my Nobel Prize now…..