The McKenna Plan

I love it when the media talks about a new “Marshall Plan” or “Bretton Woods” plan to address the current global financial crisis. Not to be outmanoeuvered, some are calling for Green Marshall Plan.

It’s funny but I actually like these efforts and this thinking but I would put it in the context of New Brunswick. Imagine if we did a Fed/Prov Bretton Woods type conference on the future of New Brunswick but we invited the Feds as a full partner, a few large industrial tycoons and even reps from other other provinces.

Develop a 30 year Marshall Plan – heck, let’s call it the McKenna Plan – that involves serious investment (not just tweaks), serious regulatory/legislative changes (not just tweaks), serious ramping up of ED efforts (not just tweaks) and serious targets and milestones.

Then, in 30 years, when NB is a thriving, have province that is one of the leading regions in North America for economic growth and has a number of leading 21st Century clusters in place, we can refer to the “McKenna Plan” when discussing other provinces or states that want to rise up.