Read this. This guy thinks Apple is looking at a multi-billion manufacturing facility in the U.S.

An Apple factory (or two), in the right place, costing several billions would be a worthy endeavor for Apple and its cash. It would achieve the grandest goals for Apple’s technical future, make a contribution to the planet and its people’s well being and help insure Apple’s financial and political security.

Now, of course, every economic developer from Fairbanks to Key West will be on the telephone trying to convince someone, anyone (even the guy at the 1-800 helpline) that their jurisdiction is the right one for this facility.

Even so, NB should take a crack that this – why not? Craft a business case that pumps water from the Bay of Fundy for cooling and wind/tidal for heating. Throw in a pile of free land and work with Maine to build a 21st century rail system right down into the heart of the Boston-NYC corridor. See if the refinery can be used for plastics. Make all NB schools Mac schools. Whatever. Build the case, find someone in the senior management that has fished on the Miramichi or landed at the airport during 9/11. Invite him/her up. Bring in Stephen ahem Harper. Bring in the posse. Convince Apple to put one of these beasts in New Brunswick.

Crazier things have happened.

But not often.