Preaching to the choir

From a press release today:

The Government of New Brunswick has launched a campaign to encourage newcomers and current New Brunswickers to “Be In This Place and visit” The bilingual campaign will feature the success stories of seven New Brunswickers who are either immigrants; former New Brunswickers who have returned; or New Brunswickers who have decided to stay in the province.

The campaign will consist of a series of television and online advertisements, running in New Brunswick until March, that will direct the audience to, an online job bank featuring hundreds of jobs in a variety of careers.

“One of the key components of population growth is getting the message out about what it is like to be in New Brunswick and what opportunities exist here,” Byrne said. “In our population growth strategy, we made a commitment to doing a better job of marketing our province. With this campaign, we are fulfilling that commitment.”

When they target the tourism advertising to New Brunswickers, we are told that is to keep NB tourist dollars here. But if they are ‘marketing our province’ why are they running the ads in New Brunswick? Marketing to ourselves?