Bernie goes retail

I saw on Tuesday as Frank McKenna was announcing he wouldn’t run to lead the Libs, the other less known Premier, Bernard Lord, was announced as the new president of the Canadian wireless industry association.

I was more confused about Bernie’s move than Frank’s. McKenna is living the life right now – jetting around, making good dough, executive homes in Rosedale and New Brunswick and a brand image larger than life. Why subject yourself to that rough and tumble world of politics? I had hoped he would, but I understand why not.

Now, Bernie’s move – that I don’t understand. Running an industry association is a job – maybe a well paid job – but just a job. He will get neither rich (i.e. Frank’s way) no will he advance his political ambition. He will become just another lobbyist writing reports and workin’ 9-5. It seemed to me the whole lawyer, power broker, deal maker, etc. was a far more impressive way to proceed if politics is in the future. And it seemed from his public persona, bilingual commission, national co-chair of the Conservative campaign, etc. that he was angling for either more time in politics or some senior government appointment (ambassador, etc.).

Why take a ‘job’? And if he wanted a job, why not running ACOA or some other plum federal job from his buddy Steve?