A breath of fresh air

Sometimes you read a phrase or sentence that just tastes like sweet nectar from the vine. It just makes your day or week.

Read this sweet sounding narrative. It is the annoucement of a senior executive being placed in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Castle Hall Alternatives, a leading provider of hedge fund operational due diligence, announced today that Gillian Scott, CA CFA, has joined the firm as Managing Director. She will lead the firm’s new presence in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where Castle Hall joins several leading administrators and other service providers to help establish a growing pool of hedge fund expertise in Canada.

Heads are snapping around in Toronto and Montreal financial circles so fast local pharmacies will be running out of Ben Gay by the end of the day. How the heck does Halifax, Nova Scotia have a a “growing pool of hedge fund expertise in Canada”? That was the exclusive perview of Toronto and Montreal (a few whipper snappers in Calgary as well). The terms “Halifax” (a Maritime Provinces city) and “hedge fund expertise” were never to be used in the same sentence. That would be like putting “auto manufacturing” and “Saint John” in the same sentence.

It violates the natural order of things. You know that natural order. Ontario gets the high paying jobs, takes the Maritime Provinces’ best and brightest young people, and sends back Equalization to show their goodwill and benevolence to the region.


An example for the rest of us.