The power of illusion

Quick. Guess the community in New Brunswick with the most IT workers.


2006 Census
All workers in Computer and information systems occupations (SOC C07)
Fredericton – 1,645
Moncton – 2,170
SJ – 2,130

Of course Saint John and Moncton are bigger than Freddy (CMA vs. CA) so on a per capita basis Fredericton has slightly more IT workers than Moncton and SJ but not by much.

And if you look at the growth in IT jobs from 1996 to 2006 you see something interesting.
Fredericton +66%
Moncton +298%
SJ +246%

Me thinks you want sources. Proof. Okay. Click here and browse to your heart’s content.

After studying this a bit it seems that Moncton and SJ have more IT workers more broadly in industry (like Medavie has 100 IT workers) whereas Freddy might have more small IT firms it has less IT workers in other industries. Just a hunch.