Self sufficiency – that slippery thing

Rorschach test. I am sorry to bring that up again but it seems that self-sufficiency can be defined as just about anything you want. Check out Marcel Mersereau definition:

…..whether it be forward thinking and necessary environmental policy, better child care (which has been all but abandoned by the Tories in lieu of a monthly handout), or badly needed funding for post-secondary education, both in terms of student aid and research and development. These are the types of things New Brunswick needs from a strong federal government in order to forward the province’s self-sufficiency agenda.

You may remember my list of things we need from the Feds in order to be ‘self-sufficient’. The only agreement I have with Ms. Mersereau is the R&D reference. Mersereau is no lightweight. She is a former Liberal MLA and past president of the new Brunswick Liberal Association. She also served as Frank McKenna’s deputy premier. Child care, environmental policy and even student aid should not be the first three things mentioned by a McKennaite as needed from the Feds for s self-sufficiency agenda.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if our provincial political leaders actually asked the Feds to partner on an economic development agenda? It seems to me it’s all roads, health care, some vague support for ‘energy’ and the usual stuff.