Pork barrel news

Well, there must be an election coming. The Prime Minister and his Ministers were in New Brunswick doling out cash. Just kidding. Gotcha.

No, Stephen Harper, that great fighter of corporate incentives was doling out $80 million to get an auto plant restarted in Ontario and another $50 million to an aerospace project in Winnipeg.

No word on the size of the package to help restart the mill in the Miramichi – and there never will be any word. Manitoba is only slightly larger in population than New Brunswick and I can’t ever remember the feds putting $50m, not even $30m – I can’t even remember them putting $10M in to an industrial project in New Brunswick.

Some of you will say so what – you don’t believe that kind of pork barrel politics. But why is it fine in Ontario, Quebec and now even Manitoba but not New Brunswick?

Maybe some day we’ll see a $500 million mega manufacturing project in Dalhousie – with $50 million of fed money attached. Maybe but don’t hold your breath.