"An important catalyst for economic growth in the Acadian Peninsula"

Here is an excerpt from a Miramichi Leader. A government official is talking about an ‘investment’ in the region:

“As a result of ….., we are now able to move forward with the pre-construction activities……,” Landry said. “This significant project is valued at more than $200 million, and will be an important catalyst for economic growth in the Acadian Peninsula.”

Guess what the ‘important catalyst for economic growth’ is. New auto manufacturing plant? No. New massive energy project? No. Five jobs at the local fish plant? No.

It’s another highway project.

I wonder out loud if the Peninsulers would prefer that money spent to try and generate some economic development in the region. I have always been fascinated at how we can find hundreds of millions for highways even as the population goes down.

Don’t get me wrong. Highways are important but if you were to rank what the Acadian Peninsula needs right now I am not sure I would put $200 million into highways.