A step in the right direction after all

Watch the tiny totters inching up a hill
It may seems to you he’s merely standing still
Though the steps he takes are infinitely small
They’re a step in the right direction after all.
-from Bedknobs and Broomsticks

You will have to forgive me but my kids have a bunch of Disney CDs and they play them in the car all the time. This one keeps going through my mind – particularly as a expectation adjusted theme song for New Brunswick.

The latest quarterly population numbers are out and New Brunswick added 400 people – the second worst growth rate in Canada among the 10 provinces.

Although we could use Bruce Springsteen’s “One step up and two steps back” because the migration data is also out for 2006-2007. New Brunswick lost another net 1,400 people last year to out-migration. That’s about 2 people per 1,000 – slightly better than 2005-2006.

The problem here is how to match the data with the lofty rhetoric. Unless we start turning that migration inward – eventually who will be left?