Tories smelling blood or is it the long haul?

I don’t know if political ‘machines’ are as well oiled as some people like to think. For example, some folks have told me that ‘top’ potential candidates will stay out of a leadership race if they don’t think the party has a chance to win. Then you get a so-called caretaker leader to shepherd the party through a losing election, resign and then allow those top candidates to come forward.

However, I have talked with several involved Tories in New Brunswick who say they have a real chance at winning the provincial election 2010. If this is the case then why have only three – essentially unilingual anglos stepped up as potential leaders? The convention is in two months so it would seem unlikely that many more will be getting in.

Thanks to Jacques Poitras’ new blog on the upcoming Tory leadership, I was prompted to visit all three hopeful websites.

We are two months from the convention and one of the three doesn’t even have a website yet (just a picture of himself with a coming soon message) and the other two don’t have anything on their websites about policy positions.

There doesn’t seem to be much there. Maybe the machine has determined the Tories can’t win after all.