Moving from EI to Immigration?

Now this is interesting:

New Brunswick MPs say they are seeing shift in constituent concerns

OTTAWA — Some MPs in southern New Brunswick say they are seeing a shift in the concerns their constituents bring to them. They say they’re dealing with fewer Employment Insurance cases and more involving immigration. Fredericton MP Andy Scott says his constituency office now deals with far more immigration cases than it does EI, while Saint John MP Paul Zed estimates his office opens up a new immigration file “every single day.” Zed said his staff have dozens on the go at a time, yet from 1993 to 1997, when he represented rural Fundy Royal, Zed didn’t have one immigration case to his recollection. The province is witnessing record growth in immigration, with most newcomers settling in the southern cities.

Why would MPs deal with EI cases? Anyway, this is an interesting little article.