Labour market data turns positive in July

The New Brunswick economy added 2,000 jobs in July after a string of down months. We are still down an estimated 6,000 full time jobs since January after a strong year of employment growth in 2007.

I still see weirdness in the labour market data. The forestry downturn hasn’t seemed to fully hit the labour market which might be the migrant worker factor as was speculated before on these pages.

And, again, for those of you who like the data, here is the undadjusted (three month rolling average) for the five regions in New Brunswick. This shows the growth rate for 12 month, 24 month and 36 month time frames (July to July). The two northern regions are down over the three year period – but not enough to account for the forestry decline. Saint John is up strongly after a weak decade (from July 1999 to July 2005 the SJ/ST emloyment level stayed the same). Freddy continues to chug along – it always does. Moncton’s employment growth is moderating although it has been overproducing for awhile.

Employment Growth (%)
Year over Year

Source: Statistics Canada – Table 282-0054: LFS estimates by provinces,
territories and economic regions, 3-month moving average.