Jimmy Volpe

You remember that character Jimmy on Seinfeld that kept referring to himself in the third person? I think our very own Jeannot Volpe has moved into character. Or maybe it’s just the way his stuff was edited in this article. Here’s the excerpt from the online edition of the Miramichi Leader:

Volpé believes the provincial government has a responsibility to provide the right business and tax environment to create new jobs for New Brunswickers and for people interested moving to our province. The Graham Liberals have to start sending a positive message to investors and small businesses. There is clear economic evidence suggesting that lower, competitive tax rates boost the economy and support job creation. The opposite is also true. Higher taxes mean job losses. Last month, the unemployment rate was nearly 20 per cent compared to July 2007.

Jeannot Volpé, Leader of the Official Opposition

Volpe believes?