Funny thing about immigration

Everybody in Atl. Canada wants skilled immigrants to move to their city. Funny thing about that is that:

a) the majority of people world wide that are immigrating are lower skilled looking to better their situation by leaving their country,

b) most of the job opportunities that are available right now in New Brunswick are lower skilled jobs (retail, services, etc.),

c) the vast majority of immigration to Canada are lower skilled immigrants (think front desk clerks and cabbies in Canada’s bid cities and

d) there is serious competition for the so-called “highly skilled” immigrants.


Look if you need highly skilled engineers at Caris or Whitehill, the government should have immigration programs to help attract those folks but if the vast majority of the need for immigrants is in the lower skilled areas, we shouldn’t shy away from that. Canada was built on the attraction of immigrants with basic or low skills that were looking to better themselves and their families by moving here. There is nothing wrong with taking that same approach here. If a call centre needs 100 workers, maybe we should go to India and bring them here as immigrants (like Manitoba and The Philippines). They’d still make more money here (even on a PPP basis).

It’s so easy to construct in our minds the ‘ideal’ immigrant and then spend our efforts trying to attract them here. But the better approach is to realistic assess the current and upcoming needs and work the strategy that way.