New chairman for the NBIF

Scroll down this article and read Lacey’s comments. Is there another NBIF that I am not familiar with? Bernard Lord set up the NBIF to be the catalyst for his goal of getting New Brunswick from last to third among the provinces in Canada for R&D. Last time I checked we are still last. Now, the NBIF has been in operation since 2003. Over five years.

I don’t blame the workers at the NBIF. It was an impossible goal but I think if New Brunswick is to drastically increase the amount of R&D (like old Bernie’s goal of Top 3), they will have to drastically rethink this stuff. All the little tiddly stuff should become a secondary activity and the main goal should be to catalyze R&D by working with existing research organizations, private sector firms, etc. In fact, I think they should attempt to attract R&D projects from multinational firms.