Never bring a knife to a gunfight

I went to the open house on the proposed changes to the French Immersion program in New Brunswick on Saturday and ran into Harold Jarche. If you don’t know Harold, he is a important thinker in the area of education and learning. I ran into him a few years ago when e-Learning was the buzz in New Brunswick.

Anyway, I went thinking I would be talking about French Immersion. What I got was a dissertation on the industrial model of education – how it was set up to facilitate easy integration into factory work (the type of cirriculum, 8-4 hours, bells going off, Taylorism in the classroom). Harold is calling for a radical new approach to learning and teaching altogether far better aligned to the realities of the world today.

He lost me after the references to Pavlov and Taylorism (which all B-students should have studied in depth).

But it sounded interesting.